If something breaks down in your house or your immediate living environment, we are happy to remedy this. There are a number of jobs we carry out ourselves and there are jobs that we outsource to other companies. There are also a number of things for which you are personally responsible.

How can I request a repair?

Complete the online repair form

Call directly with Nijestee

You can reach us on 050 - 853 35 33

You can report any problems with your house here

Do you have a problem that is not urgent?

Complete the form below.

Do you have an urgent problem?

You can call 050 - 853 35 33, 24 hours a day.

Problemen met spoed zijn:

  • Failing of the central heating installation that you cannot fix yourself. Consult this list to see who you can call.
  • Gas leakage.
  • Leakage that threatens to cause serious damage.
  • Complete power failure or failure of vital systems or items such as central heating, freezer cabinet or refrigerator.

You can also contact one of our subcontractors directly, for example in the event of glass damage, problems with your sewer, or failure of your central heating system. Download a list with the most important telephone numbers here.

Repair request form
  • Your information

  • Description of the problem

  • Location

  • Issue

  • Pictures

  • Is it a visible problem? It will be very helpful if you take a picture of the problem and send it.

  • (jpg, png, jpeg)
  • You can indicate whether you prefer the morning or the afternoon for our visit to carry out the repair or remedy the failure. You can select several options. Please note: this is not a confirmation. You will receive a confirmation with the date and time* via e-mail. Of course, we will try to schedule the appointment at the time you prefer.

    *We will let you know the two-hour window within which the repair person will visit you. Please note that the job will not necessarily be finished within this timeframe. For example, if we indicate that a repair person will arrive at your address between 9am and 11am, it could be that they ring your doorbell at 10.50am and take until 11.30am to carry out the repair or remedy the failure.